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If you are considering moving to Denver, you might want to know what Denver living is like, and about some of the more popular choices for areas to live. Littleton and Englewood have a reputation for being your traditional suburban area, and some might call it “cookie cutter”, but in fact, it really depends on what part of those areas that you live. This holds true for most neighborhoods in Denver. Although Lakewood has a reputation for being dangerous, it’s really turning around and has renewed its charm in many ways. Fortunately, there are many Denver living options that have something for everyone.

Various other popular Denver neighborhoods that are seeing continued improvements include City Park, Platte Park, and Highlands. The Highlands may be further away from downtown, but it depends what you’re looking for, and some might find its seclusion more peaceful. Washington Park is very close to downtown and a better drive to a lot of downtown places, but it’s also more expensive. Same holds true for Bonnie Brae. Cheesman Park is about a half hour drive to downtown Denver. It can be expensive depending on how close to the park you live, but there are good deals to be found in most any neighborhood. Cheesman has its own reputation, because a good number of its inhabitants are gay, but, typically, it’s a safe place to live.

Another popular and often overlooked place to live in Denver is the Bluebird area. This area includes north Congress Park and the City Park South neighborhoods, from Columbine east on Colfax to about Monroe. The sidewalks on Colfax are wide and walkable, in places they’re tree-lined, and the businesses in this stretch include everything from an independent book store, music store, movie theater and art galleries to two cool cupcake shops, great restaurants, bars and other independent stores. The neighborhoods are quiet, and friendly with great old houses and apartments and new multifamily buildings. It includes beautiful City Park, Denver’s “secret” park that’s safe and gorgeous and which includes a golf course, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Zoo. The neighborhood is ten minutes from downtown by car, bike or bus and there are easily accessible bike routes to downtown.

When looking for living places in the metro area of Denver, your budget plays a big role. If you’re looking for a place to buy, you may want to check out Lowry or Stapleton just east of Denver. Lowry in particular is a great community. The Highlands Neighborhood just west of Denver is the newest hip area and is real close to the highway for a Boulder commute. Cherry Creek is a beautiful area, and is just 10 minutes from downtown. The mature trees, original woodwork found in the houses there, proximity to bars and restaurants and closeness to Washington attract many interested buyers and renters. What’s really interesting is that for such a citified neighborhood, the wildlife around there is akin to living on a farm. It’s actually pretty common to see wild rabbits, foxes, possums, raccoons and coyotes roaming around.

Of all the places to live in and around Denver, it’s hard to pick the “perfect” spot. Living in Denver has its rewards regardless of which neighborhood you reside in. Everything depends on what you’re searching for. While some offer a busy, metro a environment with many nearby shops, restaurants and entertainment options, others provide a more peaceful, laid-back setting to call home. Wherever you choose to call home, if it’s located in downtown or one of the surrounding areas, you’re bound to love living in Denver.

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